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Since 1989, GLE has provided thousands of clients with comprehensive architecture, engineering and environmental consulting services. Based on our commitment to technical expertise and client service, we have become a leader in the consulting and design arena.

Our unique ability to coordinate engineering, architecture and environmental services together, in-house, saves you time, money, and hassle. With diverse portfolios and over 100 years of combined experience in their respective fields, our experts can be trusted to oversee your projects from start to finish.

For architecture and engineering design, consulting and environmental services, GLE offers exceptional innovation, creativity and expertise. Just as important, our flexibility and responsiveness truly set us apart.

With our corporate headquarters in Tampa, FL and offices throughout Florida, in Atlanta, and Nashville, we provide consulting services to clients throughout the nation.














GLE Planning Session Results in Donation to Fisher House
MARCH 28, 2014 – GLE Associates Inc. (GLE), a full service Architecture, Engineering and Environmental consulting firm recently held a strategic planning retreat. During this retreat rules were put in place to eliminate cell phone use during the meetings and eliminate team from entering the local office. Any violation in the rules resulted in a $20 penalty which would be donated to the Fisher House.
GLE collected some money for the violations, but overall the group was compliant. After it was announced that the company would match dollar for dollar, voluntary donations were added. Robert B. Greene, PG, PE, CIH, LEED AP, the President of GLE presented Paula Welenc the Manager of Fisher House with a check for $500 on Thursday, March 27, 2014. When asked about this donation, Robert stated:
“GLE is proud to partner in business with the military, veterans and their families so the Fisher House seemed like a great place to donate our penalty and contribution dollars. We appreciate that 100% of these funds go to the families. “

Industry News
  • GLE expands Marketing Department with a new Marketing Manager.

  • GLE expands Architecture Department with a new Director of Architecture.

  • GLE expands Environmental Department with new Environmental Scientist.